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Buffer Overflow Haunts Advantech WebAccess SCADA Product

The ICS-CERT is warning users about a stack buffer overflow in the Advantech WebAccess SCADA product that could lead to arbitrary code execution. Advantech WebAccess is a SCADA and human-machine interface product that’s accessible over the Web. It’s used in a variety of industries, including energy, manufacturing, government and the commercial sector. The vulnerability affects[…]


Expanding Use of PKI in Variety of Devices Holds Challenges

LAS VEGAS–One of the longest running jokes in the security industry is that each coming year finally will be The Year of PKI. While that one huge year never materialized, the use of PKI and digital certificates has become an integral part of how the Internet works today. But there are some challenges on the horizon[…]


Securing an Internet Made From ‘Duck Tape and Baling Wire’

LAS VEGAS–The Internet that we use today was not designed as a cohesive network. It was put together from found bits and pieces over the course of the last few decades, and, as major bugs such as Heartbleed and others have shown, it’s a frighteningly fragile construction. Attackers know this as well as anyone, and[…]