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All Seized Domains Returned to No-IP

Less than a week after Microsoft seized nearly two dozen domains owned by a small hosting provider as part of a takedown of a malware operation, all of those domains are back in the control of the provider, No-IP.


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Microsoft Says ‘Technical Error’ Led to Legitimate No-IP Customers Losing Service

Microsoft admits that it made a technical mistake as part of its malware operation takedown, errors that resulted in legitimate customers of the site losing service.


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Latest Microsoft Malware Takedown Causes Waves in Security Community

Microsoft’s latest takedown of a malware operation, announced Monday and involving the infrastructure of several malware families, has, like many of the company’s actions, elicited strong opinions on both sides of the issue from security researchers, activists and others with a stake in the game



Researchers Go Inside HackingTeam Mobile Malware, Command Infrastructure

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Researchers from Kaspersky Lab and Citizen Lab released a report today with extensive details on the HackingTeam’s controversial RCS spyware, in particular its extensive global command infrastructure and mobile malware.