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Gary McGraw on Cyberwar and the Folly of Hoarding Cyber-Rocks

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Dennis Fisher talks with Gary McGraw of Cigital about some of the holes in the current thinking about cyberwar, why traditional military analogies don’t hold up in cyberwar discussions and how better defense can make a difference. McGraw will be discussing his thoughts on cyberwar at King’s College London this week.


Dan Guido on the THREADS Mobile Security Conference

Dennis Fisher talks with Dan Guido, CEO of Trail of Bits and hacker-in-residence at NYU-Poly, about the school’s first mobile security conference, called THREADS, taking place this week in Brooklyn. Part of the college’s Cybersecurity Awareness Week (CSAW), THREADS will include speaker such as Dino Dai Zovi, Guido, Jon Oberheide and Vincenzo Iozzo.


Chris Soghoian on Exploit Sales

Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Soghoian, a principal technologist at the ACLU, about the developing market for buying and selling exploits and vulnerabilities. Soghoian has been a vocal critic of exploit sales and in this podcast he discusses the reasons why and why he thinks the policymakers in Washington need to get involved.


Gary McGraw on the BSIMM4 and How to Avoid Being the Slowest Zebra

Dennis Fisher talks with Gary McGraw of Cigital about the release of the BSIMM4 data, how software security programs have matured in the last four years and how the government has become distracted by cyberwar and is ignoring software security, to its detriment.


Cesar Cerrudo on Owning Your CEO

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Dennis Fisher talks with Cesar Cerrudo of IOActive Labs about his research project that used Fortune 500 executives’ corporate email addresses as the starting point to gather data about their online activities. Cerrudo found that he was able to map executives’ activities across a wide range of e-commerce, social networking and other sites with just an email address.


Jose Nazario on Botnet Takedowns, Cybercrime and Whether We Can Ever Win

Dennis Fisher talks with botnet researcher Jose Nazario about whether botnet takedowns are worth the effort, the evolution of attack techniques and whether we can ever get the upper hand on attackers.