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Cesar Cerrudo on Owning Your CEO

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Dennis Fisher talks with Cesar Cerrudo of IOActive Labs about his research project that used Fortune 500 executives’ corporate email addresses as the starting point to gather data about their online activities. Cerrudo found that he was able to map executives’ activities across a wide range of e-commerce, social networking and other sites with just an email address.


Jose Nazario on Botnet Takedowns, Cybercrime and Whether We Can Ever Win

Dennis Fisher talks with botnet researcher Jose Nazario about whether botnet takedowns are worth the effort, the evolution of attack techniques and whether we can ever get the upper hand on attackers.


How The Flame Malware Stayed Hidden For So Long

The past week has brought to light more revelations about the mysterious Flame (or sKyWIper) worm that was first identified at the end of May. Among them: the eye-popping admission from Microsoft that the malware’s authors found a way to use that company’s Windows Update feature to distribute the malware.


Moxie Marlinspike on TACK, Convergence and Trust Agility

Dennis Fisher talks with Moxie Marlinspike about his new IETF proposal, TACK, which lays out a way for sites to assert the authenticity of their public keys. They also discuss the Convergence system for replacing the CA infrastructure and the ways in which browser vendors can help enable better trust agility for users.


Arms Race In Zero Days Spells Trouble For Privacy, Public Safety

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part podcast with independent security researcher Chris Soghoian. In the first part of our podcast with independent security researcher Chris Soghoian, we talked about the way that the proliferation of “free” applications have forced consumers into the position of increasingly trading privacy for access to cool new Web sites and tools.