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Mobile Apps Space A ‘Wild West’ For Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO – Companies that are hoping to catch a ride on the mobile wave should pay close attention to the application development firms they choose to work with, unless they want to be saddled with a buggy and insecure albatross bearing their corporate logo, a leading application security expert warns.


Bruce Schneier on Liars and Outliers

Dennis Fisher talks with cryptographer and author Bruce Schneier about his new book, Liars and Outliers, the role of trust in society and security, the ways in which technology helps promote trust and how various groups and actors defect the norm and take advantage of that trust.


Ryan Naraine on the Koobface Expose and SCADA 0-Day Disclosures

Dennis Fisher talks with long-lost Threatpost editor Ryan Naraine about the intricacies of the disclosure of the identities of the alleged Koobface gang members, whether we’ll see more of that kind of action and whether the recent trend toward disclosing 0-days in SCADA systems will continue.


Dartmouth Cyber Security Chief: More Attention Needed To Human Element In Security

Shari Lawrence Pfleeger wrote the book on cyber security – or should we say “books.” The longtime researcher and expert has authored numerous textbooks on everything from software engineering, to the application of metrics in software development, to computer security. The head of research for the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) at Dartmouth College, Pfleeger says that many of the biggest challenges facing organizations in the realm of cyber security are social, and not technological.


Adam Shostack on Methods of Compromise, the New School and Learning

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Dennis Fisher talks with Adam Shostack of Microsoft about the taxonomy he helped develop for classifying how PCs are compromised, what he would and wouldn’t change in The New School of Information Security and who he’s learned the most from.


Costin Raiu on Duqu, Stuxnet and Targeted Attacks

Dennis Fisher talks with malware researcher Costin Raiu about the investigation into Duqu, the likelihood that it was written by the same team as Stuxnet, whether a government is behind its development and what mistakes the authors made.


Ted Julian on Data Breach Response and Incident Analysis

Dennis Fisher talks with Ted Julian of CO3 about why even the more enlightened organizations still find themselves unprepared when hit with a data breach, the need for more public data to help analyze the nature and effects of breaches and how third-party breaches affect organizations.


Botnet Takedown: Researcher Describes How Kelihos Fell

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Dennis Fisher talks with Kaspersky Lab Researcher Tillmann Werner about the takedown of the Kelihos botnet, the network’s unique multi-tiered architecture, its custom protocol and the ethics and legality of pushing updates to disable bots on users’ machines.