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Gauss, Flame Highlight Problem of Defeating High-End Malware

If the last couple of years of life on the Internet have taught us anything it should be that there’s a lot we don’t know about what’s happening out there. Sure, we know that there are a lot of attacks going on, metric tons of money being stolen and untold terabytes of data being siphoned off, and once in a while we’re even able to figure out who’s doing some of it. But, as the discovery of tools such as Flame and Gauss suggests, there’s a lot of stuff bubbling under the surface that mostly goes unseen.


Report: Stealthy New Banking Malware Tilon Emerges

A new type of financial malware has surfaced that’s targeting information submitted through banking forms via the “Man in the Browser” (MITB) technique and proving difficult to detect, according to research published by computer security firm Trusteer today.


New Study Shows Surge in Fake Twitter Users

Dealers–Twitter scammers who create fake profiles on the social media site and sell their sets of followers–are adapting their workflow just enough to stay under the social media site’s radar, according to security firm Barracuda Labs, who recently wrapped up a 75 day study analyzing the buying and selling of Twitter followers.


Firms Need ‘Tough Love’ In Struggle Against APTs

Black Hat is upon us and, with it, a lot of chatter about the dangers posed by so-called “APT,” or advanced persistent threats. Rather than get trapped in the hype bubble, Threatpost editor Paul Roberts took the opportunity to check back in with a recognized expert on detecting and combating APT-style attacks: Amit Yoran, the former CEO of NetWitness Corp. and now a Senior Vice President at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. Yoran says that the darkest days may yet be ahead in the fight against APT style attacks, with mounting attacks and a critical shortage of security talent. To cope, both private sector firms and the government need to stop fighting the last war and pivot to the kinds of practices and monitoring that can spot sophisticated attackers. 


Targeted Attacks on Small Businesses Increase in 2012

In the first six months of 2012, 36 percent of targeted attacks focused on small businesses of fewer than 250 employees, and there were an average of 58 attacks per day, according to a new research report. At the end of 2011, small businesses were on the receiving end of only 18 percent of such attacks.


There is No Reason to Take a Picture of Your Debit Card …Ever

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It does not matter how cute it is, or how relieved you are to finally find it after having lost it, or how mad you are at those hacks over at your bank for misspelling your name. It cannot be stressed enough that it is always a terrible, terrible idea to post pictures of your credit or debit card on the Internet.