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Scammers Using World Cup as Phishing Lure

The World Cup is still four months away, but attackers already are ramping up their efforts to defraud fans. As with most major events, such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics and others, attackers are using fans’ enthusiasm for the event as a lure to separate them from their money. When a major event like[...]


Attackers Target Yahoo Mail Accounts in ‘Coordinated Effort’ to Own Users

Yahoo officials said Thursday that they have reset the passwords on an unspecified number of mail accounts after detecting what they call a “coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts.”


Facebook Phishing Campaign Employing Malicious Tumblr Pages

The general population may have had its fill of Facebook at this point, but attackers sure haven’t. There is a new round of Facebook-related spam that is using fake messages about recent crimes involving recipients’ friends as a lure to direct them to Tumblr pages serving exploits. The campaign comprises several different individual messages purporting[...]