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Like Apple’s TouchID, Galaxy S5 Vulnerable to Fingerprint Hack

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Researchers published a video this week demonstrating that Samsung’s latest entry in the smartphone arena, the Galaxy S5, is vulnerable to a hack that as crude as may seem involves lifting and copying fingerprints to trick the phone’s sensor.



Google Adds Continuous Monitoring of Android Apps

Google is adding a new security feature to Android designed to scan installed apps on a device and ensure that they’re not acting maliciously or taking unwanted actions. The system is built on Google’s existing app-verification model, which warns users if there’s a potential problem with an app they’re installing. The addition to Android’s security[...]


wimax antenna

Siemens Ruggedcom Addresses BEAST Flaw in WiMax Products

The BEAST attack on some TLS implementations made major news when it was disclosed, showing that attackers could intercept and decrypt SSL-protected sessions in real time, breaking a significant portion of the confidentiality model of the protocol. Vendors rushed to patch and implement mitigations. That was in 2011. Nearly three years later, Siemens is pushing[...]


tesla s

Researcher Identifies Potential Security Issues With Tesla S

A researcher has identified a number of issues with the security of the Tesla S, including its dependence upon a weak one-factor authentication system linked to a mobile app that can unlock the car remotely.



FTC Settles With Fandango, Credit Karma Over SSL Issues in Mobile Apps

The makers of Fandango and Credit Karma have settled with the Federal Trade Commission after the commission charged that they deliberately misrepresented the security of their apps and failed to validate SSL certificates.