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Mozilla Improves Malware Blocking in Firefox 31

The newest version of Mozilla Firefox includes an improved defense against malware downloaded through the browser, which could prevent many kinds of infections.


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Researchers Demo TAILS Flaw Exploit, Disclose Details to Developers

The critical vulnerability in the TAILS operating system discovered by researchers at Exodus Intelligence lies in the I2P software that’s bundled with the OS and the company has released some details and a video demonstrating an exploit against the bug.


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Flash Zero Day Used to Target Victims in Syria

A couple days after Microsoft warned users about a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer that’s being used in targeted attacks, Adobe on Monday said that researchers have discovered a zero day in Flash, as well, which attackers are using to target victims in Syria through a watering hole attack on a compromised Syrian government site.


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Research Finds MAC Address Hashing Not a Fix for Privacy Problems

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A quick research project done by a graduate student at Stanford on the security of hashed MAC addresses in retail analytics software has shown that time and the inevitable advancement of technology have are the greatest enemies of cryptography.



New IE 10 Zero Day Targeting Military Intelligence

A new campaign, dubbed Operation SnowMan, was been spotted leveraging a previously unknown zero-day in Internet Explorer 10 after the U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars’ website was compromised this week.



Gaming Platform Settles on Bitcoin Mining Malware Allegations

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The ESEA League, an online competitive gaming community, has decided to settle with the state of New Jersey after the active Attorney General there alleged that the gaming community operator infected user-machines with malware designed to mine for Bitcoins.