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The Biggest Security Stories of 2013

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As 2013 comes to a close, security experts are looking back at the major stories and developments of the year, including the Edward Snowden NSA leaks and major malware attacks. In this video, Vitaly Kamluk of Kaspersky Lab examines the biggest security news of 2013 and talks about the lasting effects they may have.


Jeff Forristal

Jeff Forristal on the Android Master-Key Vulnerability

When news of the Android master-key vulnerability began leaking out in early July, details were hard to come by, and that was done intentionally. The researchers at Blue Box Security, a mobile-security start-up, had discovered the vulnerability and were planning to disclose the details of the bug in a presentation at the Black Hat USA 2013 conference.



Researchers Discover Dozens of Gaming Client and Server Vulnerabilities

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Two video game researchers have discovered a slew of zero day vulnerabilities in the engines that run popular first person shooter games like “Quake 4,” “Monday Night Combat,” “Crysis 2” and “Homefront,” among others that could put their servers and the gamers who use them in danger.



Mozilla Drops Second Beta of Persona Privacy System

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Mozilla has pushed out the second beta version of its Persona authentication system . The move is the latest step in the company’s campaign to rid the Web of passwords and make it easier for consumers to log on to sites regardless of the browser they’re using.



Vulnerabilities Continue to Weigh Down Samsung Android Phones

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Attackers have long had an affinity for having their way with Android phones, but the hammer seems to have really come down over the last few months when it comes to devices manufactured by Samsung.


google chrome security update

How To: Chrome Browser Privacy Settings

The Web browser is the primary portal through which the vast majority of connected users access and interact with the Internet. Each browser has its own security and privacy settings and those settings have an enormous impact on the nature of the relationship between users’ data and the services they encounter online. Google’s Chrome browser has extensive, easy to navigate privacy settings that let users manage everything from digital certificates to location tracking to “Do Not Track” requests.



Flaw Leaves EA Origin Platform Users Open to Attack

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Five years ago, a pair of security researchers write a book called Exploiting Online Games in which they described a number of ways in which attackers could take advantage of weaknesses in the protection systems for various gaming platforms. Now, with online gaming having emerged as a massive business, other researchers have picked up the ball and begun finding serious flaws. The latest vulnerability to be disclosed is in EA’s Origin online game-delivery system, which researchers from ReVuln have shown can be exploited remotely to run malicious code on users’ machines.



Lock Screen Bypass Flaw Found in Samsung Androids

A vulnerability exists in Samsung devices running Android version 4.1.2 that could give unauthenticated users the ability to circumvent the screen lock and view the home screen, run apps, and reach out to contacts without successfully completing Android’s pattern lock, PIN, password or Face Unlock mechanisms.