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New Zorenium Bot Boasts Ability to Run on iOS

Categories: Apple, Malware, Mobile Security

UPDATE–The iOS platform has been remarkably resistant to malware infections over the years and attackers interested in mobile devices mainly have focused their efforts on Android. But the developer of a little-known bot that has the ability to run on Linux and Windows machines now has a version that apparently can run on iOS as[...]


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Weak Random Number Generator Threatens iOS 7 Kernel Exploit Mitigations

Categories: Apple, Vulnerabilities

The Early Random Pseudo-Random Number Generator in Apple iOS 7 returns predictable outcomes threatening kernel exploit mitigations native to the mobile operating system.



Apple iOS 7.1 Fixes More Than 20 Code-Execution Flaws

Apple has fixed a slew of vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution on the iPhone, along with a number of other security vulnerabilities in the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7.1. The new release comes just a little more than two weeks after Apple released iOS 7.06 to fix the SSL certificate validation error.



Goto Aside, GnuTLS and Apple Bugs Are Not The Same

The GnuTLS bug is being joined at the hip to the recent Apple goto fail bug, but experts hoping to stem off confusion say the two vulnerabilities are different despite having the same consequences.



GnuTLS Certificate Verification Flaw Exposes Linux Distros, Apps to Attack

A critical vulnerability in GnuTLS, a popular open source crypto library, puts hundreds of software packages including popular Linux distribution at risk.



Apple Updates iOS Security Paper with iCloud, Appsec Insights

Categories: Apple

Apple updated its iOS Security guide with new information on the encryption and security processes protecting iCloud Keychain, Recovery and Internet services such as iMessage, FaceTime and more.


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Apple Fixes Certificate Validation Flaw in iOS

Apple on Friday quietly pushed out a security update to iOS that restores some certificate-validation checks that had apparently been missing from the operating system for an unspecified amount of time. Apple released iOS 7.06 on Friday and the only content in the update was a small security fix that the company said addressed a[...]