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XSS Filter Bypass Bug Found in Chrome and Safari

Categories: Apple, Vulnerabilities

There is a bug in the anti-cross site scripting filter in Chrome and Safari that enables an attacker to bypass the filter in some cases and use an XSS flaw on a given site to compromise visitors’s machines. The vulnerability is fairly simple to exploit and a researcher has posted proof-of-concept code. The vulnerability lies[...]



Apple Starts iBeacon Tracking System in Stores

Categories: Apple, Privacy, Web Security

If you’re still wondering when the future will get here, stop looking to the skies for flying cars and look down at your iPhone the next time you walk into an Apple store. The company has just kicked off a new in-store tracking initiative that uses Bluetooth to push offers and notifications to customers as they wander through the aisles looking at Beats headphones and One Direction phone cases.


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Apple iOS 7.04 Fixes App Store Purchase Flaw

Apple has released a new fix for iOS 7–no, it doesn’t roll your phone back to iOS 6–that patches a vulnerability that enabled a user to make app or in-app purchases without needing to enter a password. The release of iOS 7.04 marks the third update of the iPhone operating system in the short time[...]



Threatpost News Wrap, November 7, 2013

Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso talk about the major stories from the last couple of weeks, including the changes to the Microsoft bug bounty program, the new Internet bug bounty, the Apple transparency report and a new paper on a weakness in Bitcoin.


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Apple Says It Has ‘Never Received an Order Under Section 215′

Categories: Apple, Government, Privacy

In a new report detailing the number and kind of requests for user information it’s gotten from various governments, Apple said it has never received a request for information under Section 215 of the USA PATROT Act and would likely fight one if it ever came. The company also disclosed that it has received between[...]


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Apple Patches Fix More Than 100 Vulnerabilities

Apple fixed more than 100 security vulnerabilities across eight different products yesterday including updates for the iTunes, Safari, iOS 7, Keynote 6.0, two versions of Apple’s Remote Desktop (3.7, 3.5.4) and OS X Server 3.0.