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Apple Adds Two-Factor Authentication to iTunes Accounts

Categories: Apple, Cloud Security

Apple has introduced a new two-factor authentication system designed to help protect users’ iTunes and App Store accounts and prevent attackers or unauthorized users from taking over users’ accounts. The system is similar to the one that Google has implemented for Gmail, utilizing verification codes sent via SMS.



Apple iOS 6.1.3 Fixes Evasion Jailbreak Bug, WebKit Flaw

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Apple has patched a handful of security vulnerabilities in iOS, including a bug that was used for the latest iPhone jailbreak tool, called Evasion. Apple iOS 6.1.3 has patches for six vulnerabilities, including the screen lock bypass bug and a flaw in WebKit that can be used to execute arbitrary code.



Apple Fixes OS X Flaw That Allowed Java Apps to Run With Plugin Disabled

Categories: Apple

Apple on Thursday released a large batch of security fixes for its OS X operating system, one of which patches a flaw that allowed Java Web Start applications to run even when users had Java disabled in the browser. OS X 10.8.3 fixes 21 total vulnerabilities, and also includes a new version of the malware removal tool for Apple machines.


Another iPhone Passcode Bypass Vulnerability Discovered

Categories: Apple, Mobile Security

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the bugs piling up for Apple’s iPhone. Now it seems a glitch in the iOS kernel of Apple’s much maligned iOS 6.1 is responsible for yet another passcode bypass vulnerability, the second to surface this month. Attackers can apparently access users’ photos, contacts and more by following a series of steps on an iPhone running iOS 6.1.



New iOS 6.1 Flaw Allows Access to iPhone’s Contacts, Photos

UPDATE – With enough work, users can bypass the lockscreen on Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone by exploiting a flaw on its most recent operating system iOS 6.1. By simply making an emergency call and holding down the power button on an iPhone twice, users can gain access to the device’s phone feature, view and edit contacts, check voicemail and look through photos, according to reports today.



Apple Releases iOS 6.1 With Fixes for More Than 20 Vulnerabilities

Categories: Apple, Vulnerabilities

Apple has fixed dozens of security vulnerabilities in iOS with the release of version 6.1, including a serious flaw in the kernel and a number of bugs in the WebKit framework. The company also revoked trust in the bad TurkTrust certificates that were discovered late last year.


Apple Addresses New SMS Trojan in Malware Lists

Categories: Apple, Malware

Apple has made updates to its malware definitions to address yesterday’s news of a new OS X Trojan, SMSSend.3666, that was disguising itself as legitimate software and confounding Russian users.


SMS Extortion Trojan Targeting Apple Machines

Categories: Apple, Malware, Mobile Security

In yet another blow to the tenuous false sense of security among Apple users, the Russian antivirus firm Dr. Web has uncovered what it claims is a first-of-its-kind fake installer Trojan targeting Mac machines and extorting their users with SMS fraud.


Apple Fixes Critical Flaws in QuickTime 7.7.3

Categories: Apple

Apple has fixed nine vulnerabilities in its QuickTime media player software, all of which can be used to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable machines. Several of the flaws are buffer overflows, and users who still run QuickTime should update it as soon as possible.