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Researcher Charlie Miller Joins Twitter Security Team

Categories: Apple, Privacy

Twitter quietly is assembling a serious security team, with the most recent addition being Charlie Miller, the security researcher known for finding a long line of bugs in the iPhone and other Apple products. Miller, a respected and prolific researcher, will join the social network’s security team next week.


Apple Fixes Flaws, Updates Java 6 for OS X

Apple pushed out a Java update for its Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion systems Wednesday, fixing vulnerabilities Oracle tackled in last week’s emergency CVE-2012-4681 patch. Both Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 10 and Java for OS X 2012-005 update the Java SE 6 plugin and, in what might be a sign of Apple’s growing displeasure with the platform, help configure browsers to not automatically run Java applets.


Anonymous Leaks Apple UDIDs Following Alleged Hack of FBI

Categories: Hacks

UPDATE–The Antisec arm of hacktivist group Anonymous published one million unique device identifier numbers, or UDIDs, for Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads, on Monday night. The group alleges the slew of information was swiped from a laptop belonging to the FBI earlier this year.


Apple Patches Remote Desktop Flaw

Categories: Apple

Apple has released a fix for a vulnerability in its Remote Desktop product that could result in sensitive data not being encrypted, even when users have the product configured to send all data in encrypted form. The vulnerability can lead to information leakage and Apple says the issue affects versions 3.0 and later.


Phishing for Fanboys with Phony iPhone 5 Images

There is no such thing as a trivial detail when it comes to the impending release of an Apple product and scammers are well aware of this. A recent attack is exploiting the public’s fascination with all things Apple and the ubiquitous interest in anything iPhone 5-related with an email phishing scam that includes a file that claims to contain pictures of the unreleased iPhone’s battery but actually contains a malicious Word document.


Researcher Finds iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing

Categories: Apple, Mobile Security

The iPhone SMS app contains a quirky bug that could allow someone to send a user a text message that appears to come from any number that the sender specifies. The researcher who discovered the bug said that it could be used by attackers to spoof messages from a bank or credit card company and send the victim to a target site controlled by the attacker.


Cross-Platform Flaws a Boon For Attackers

Categories: Apple, Microsoft

Attackers and malware writers, like many other people, tend to specialize, honing their skills in one particular discipline in order to maximize their chances for success. But Microsoft researchers have come across a series of malware samples and exploits that show that some attackers are beginning to target the same vulnerability across multiple platforms as a way to make the most out of their efforts.