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Attackers Using Compromised Web Plug-Ins in CryptoPHP Blackhat SEO Campaign

Researchers have discovered a group of attackers who have published a variety of compromised WordPress themes and plug-ins on legitimate-looking sites, tricking developers into downloading and installing them on their own sites. The components then give the attackers remote control of the compromised sites and researchers say the attack may have been ongoing since September 2013.[…]


Angler Exploit Kit Adds New Flash Exploit for CVE-2014-8440

Exploit kit authors are nothing if not opportunistic, and they know a prime opportunity when they see one. Adobe Flash bugs fit that description nicely, and the people behind the Angler exploit kit already are exploiting one of the Flash bugs patched last week in the kit’s arsenal. This is a common tactic for exploit[…]


Avoiding the Dark Security Future

LAS VEGAS–Nick Percoco has been thinking a lot about the future of technology, and some of the things he’s dreamed up aren’t very pretty: farms of people renting out their spare brain cycles, autonomous cars that freak out and careen into oncoming traffic and hacking groups hijacking users’ augmented reality gear and demanding ransoms to unlock[…]