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The open-source PHP Group has issued a patch for at least four security flaws in the widely-used general-purpose scripting language.
With PHP 5.2.9 (see announcement), the PHP development team corrects a total of 50 bugs, including a publicly-known flaw that allows attackers to read the contents of arbitrary memory locations in certain situations.


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Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs in recent months, and a huge number of them are taking proprieatry company data with them when they leave, according to a new study. The study shows that almost 60 percent of people who leave or are fired from a job are swiping information.

Brian Krebs at The Washington Post has the full story on the report, which is the work of the Ponemon Institute.


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Facebook and other social networks can be downright unfriendly when it comes to scam attempts. PC World’s JR Raphael has put together five attack scenarios and information on how to protect yourself and your Facebook friends.