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Dear Jailbreaker, Apple Wants to Have a Word with You

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After banning the word “jailbreak” from its app store and music library, Apple today reversed course and again permits the term – slang for hacking into a device to download unauthorized content — to appear on iTunes and its App Store.

On Thursday bloggers noticed Apple had censored the word, using the Thin Lizzy album “Jailbreak” as an example. For awhile, the title was listed as “J******k” in Apple’s music library, at least its U.S. version. In other instances, digital content continued to bear the full name Jailbreak.


Flaw in OS X Lion Encryption Leaves User Credentials in Plaintext

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There’s a serious weakness in certain versions of Apple OS X that causes the operating system to store users’ login credentials for the FileVault encrypted storage in plaintext. The bug, which is found in older versions of FileVault present on OS X Lion 10.7.3 systems, enables anyone with admin access to the machine to get the login password for the FileVault system. The flaw also can be exploited when a machine is in FireWire disk mode and accessible to another computer.