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Apple iMessage Open to Man in the Middle, Spoofing Attacks

Categories: Apple, Cryptography, Privacy

The Apple iMessage protocol has been shrouded in secrecy for years now, but a pair of security researchers have reverse-engineered the protocol and found that Apple controls the encryption key infrastructure for the system and therefore has the ability to read users’ text messages–or decrypt them and hand them over at the order of a[...]


Hackers Bypass iPhone 5S Touch ID

Categories: Apple, Mobile Security

Hackers from the venerable Chaos Computer Club in Germany have found a method for bypassing the new iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint security mechanism. The method, which is the first known technique for circumventing the iPhone’s newest security feature, involves taking a picture of a user’s fingerprint and then creating a latex copy of it to unlock the phone.


Experts Lukewarm On iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

If you haven’t heard, Apple unveiled two new iterations of the iPhone at one of the Cupertino company’s typically grandiose product events yesterday. As usual, there was plenty of hype to go around, but the biggest change as far as security is concerned is the addition of a fingerprint scanner on the high-end new iPhone 5S.