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Following Controversy, Yahoo Officially Launches Bug Bounty Program

As promised, Yahoo formally kicked off its bug bounty program late last week, aiming to correct what many in the security industry viewed as misstep after handing out a paltry $12.50 credit to a researcher in September for discovering a cross-site scripting error.


Retailer Challenges Visa $13.2M PCI Fine in Court

Genesco Inc., a Tennessee-based shoe retailer, is taking Visa to court in what is being reported as the first case challenging fines and penalties levied by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) under which Genesco was fined $13.3 million.


‘Six Strikes’ System Flags P2P Piracy and Throttles Broadband Connections

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The entertainment industry is teaming with five major Internet service providers to this week launch a new Copyright Alert System that will first warn online pirates and then start to strangle bandwidth of repeat offenders.Dubbed “Six Strikes,” the new system began roll out Monday, putting consumers on notice that content owners would be monitoring for illegal downloading or uploading of copyrighted movies, music and televsion shows and notifying participating ISPs such actvitity is detected.


Ryan Naraine on the Security Analyst Summit 2013

Dennis Fisher talks with Ryan Naraine, the founding editor of Threatpost, about the Security Analyst Summit in San Juan, the reason why so many talks at security conferences sound the same and why surprise talks are so valuable.


The Novel Practice of DevOps Stars in The Phoenix Project

Categories: Compliance, SMB Security

By David Mortman

After a long 2.5 years Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford, the authors of the awesome Visible Ops series, have just launched their latest book, The Phoenix Project.  I was fortunate enough to get to read some early drafts, so I am extra excited that it is finally shipping. When Gene first mentioned the book to me, I was rather surprised that it was a novel. I was a bit skeptical of the choice of genre but dove in anyway, and I am so glad I did.