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Disaster Recovery Disaster: Drill Gone Wrong Leads To Loss Of Data On 800K

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Call it a disaster recovery drill disaster. The loss of four magnetic tape cartridges containing data on 800,000 California residents was the unfortunate result of an IBM-managed disaster recovery exercise gone wrong, said Christine Lally, Assistant Secretary, Legislation & Communications for the California Technology Agency. 


Adobe Patches Flash Player, Unveils New Silent Updater

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Adobe pushed out a security update for its Flash Player Wednesday, patching two critical holes and introducing a new silent update option. The update, Adobe Flash Player 11.2, addresses two memory corruption vulnerabilities in Windows, Mac, Linux and early Android builds that could lead to remote code execution according to a bulletin (APSB12-07).


RockYou Agrees to $250K FTC Fine Over Loss Of 32m Passwords

The Federal Trade Commission announced on Tuesday that it had reached a settlement with RockYou over violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) after the Web site allowed hackers to gain access to the personal information of its 32 million members.


Richard Boscovich on the Zeus Botnet Takedown

Dennis Fisher talks with Richard Boscovich of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit about the operation to take down the Zeus botnet, how the company works with partners and law enforcement on these operations and the importance of getting the word out to consumers about the danger of botnets.


Verizon: Hacktivists Steal Most Data In 2011

It can be hard to parse the results of the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), what with the shifts from year to year in the sources of breach data collected. Last year’s report, if you recall, found a stunning drop in incidents of data theft in 2010, even as tracking sites like reported no noticeable change that year.Frankly, it’s hard to read the DBIR and not have the term “sample bias” float into your head time and again. But the DBIR report has always been a good way to understand the security Zeitgeist, and this year’s report is no different, with more normal-seeming results and a focus on the actions of ideologically motivated hacking groups which, Verizon claims, were linked to 58% of all the data stolen from customers in 2011.