Spear Phishing Campaigns Use Fake Mandiant APT1 Report as Lure

People looking to download and read the Mandiant report on Chinese government attacks on U.S. infrastructure should look carefully at the name of the file before opening it. Researchers say that there are at least two different spear-phishing attacks going on right now that are using rigged copies of the China APT1 report as lures.

Markey: GRID Act Passage Long Overdue

Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) is urging the Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Fred Upton (R-MI), to take immediate action toward passing the Grid Reliability and Infrastructure Defense (GRID) Act, which Markey calls a bipartisan bill aimed at hardening the nation’s electrical grid and critical infrastructure against cyberattacks.

Avoid The Attack Attribution Distraction

Plenty has been written this month about attack attribution, but, really, if your network is under siege, how often does the “who” matter as much as the “how,” “what,” and “where”? It seems that knowing who the actor is behind a network intrusion matters little to a bank, restaurant or retail chain. You just want them off your gear, and you want your stuff put back where it belongs.

Mozilla has released Firefox 19, the latest version of its flagship browser, which includes not only fixes for a number of serious security vulnerabilities but also a built-in PDF viewer. The native PDF viewer in Firefox could help protect against some of the ongoing attacks that use vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and other PDF readers as infection vectors.

A non-profit association for IT professionals in higher education announced Tuesday its server had been breached.Educause, which has 1,800 college and 300 corporate members, issued a warning that it had discovered a security breach sometime in February that may have compromised the hashed passwords of .edu domain holders and urged impacted administrative, billing or technical contacts to change their passwords.

On a day when Java zero day exploits were fingered in attacks against Apple, Facebook and Twitter, Oracle released the remainder of its quarterly security patch updates for the Java platform.Five vulnerabilities were patched in Java 7 Update 15 today, all of them remotely exploitable, and three of them rated of the highest criticality by Oracle.

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