HOLD — HBGary Federal News…

HBGary Federal, the beleagured security startup that has been the target of the online mischief making group Anonymous for the last week said on Monday that [it was ceasing operations | its CEO Aaron Barr was stepping down]. 

Ubuntu Fixes Kerberos Bug With New Packages

There’s a vulnerability in the Kerberos implementation in several versions of Ubuntu, which could allow an attacker to cause a denial-of-service on vulnerable servers. The bug is in Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10.

HBGary Emails A Sweet Valentine For Social Engineers

SAN FRANCISCO– The news keeps getting worse for security firm HBGary Federal. Members of the online mischief-making group Anonymous posted another cache of 20,000 company e-mails Sunday, following a similar disclosure last week. But the real damage from the leak may be yet to come, as sophisticated attackers mine the email trove for information on the company’s business contacts, including U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations, that could be used later in targeted attacks.

Email users may have experienced a serious decline in spam
over the past couple months, however, a Web security trends report by M86 Security released today at RSA in San Francisco says cybercriminals are coming
up with new and innovative methods of phishing as well as producing increasingly
robust and complicated exploit kits.

By Marc MaiffretReading the headlines today one could not help but notice the latest
installment of “scary Chinese hacker press” making the headlines. And
who can blame the news media for latching on to this story as it has all
the right ingredients: foreign governments targeting U.S. interests,
catchy nicknames like Night Dragon, connections to a previous scary
threat “Operation Aurora” and a timely announcement leading up to one of
the security industry’s biggest conferences in San Francisco next week,
RSA. Wait, what?

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