How to Break Google Chrome in Six Easy Steps

Browsers are a really nice target for attackers of all stripes and skill levels. But, unless you’re a savant or have just landed here from the future, you may want to take a pass on going after Google Chrome, judging by the insane level of effort and skill that an anonymous security researcher had to deploy in order to compromise Chrome during the company’s Pwnium contest in March.

Armenian Bredolab Creator Jailed For Computer Sabotage

An Armenian court sentenced a 27-year old Russian man to four years in jail this week following his conviction in connection with the infamous Bredolab botnet that infected 30 million computers over the last few years.G. Avanesov, later identified as Georgy Avanesov by several media outlets, was officially sentenced for committing computer sabotage by the Court of First Instance of Armenia’s Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative districts Monday.

With a deadline for users to disinfect their computers or potentially lose Internet access thanks to the DNSchanger malware, Google is undertaking an effort to notify infected users through messages on search results pages. The federal government also is working to warn users about the infections and potential consequences if their machines aren’t cleaned by July 9.

On the list of things made obsolete by the Internet, signatures are right up there with paperback books and the postal service, but the Microsoft Malware Protection Center decided to dig deeper into the signature of Carl A. (unreadable last name) anyway and see why it keeps turning up in malware samples.

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