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Alex Hutton on the 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

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Dennis Fisher talks with Alex Hutton of Verizon about the 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, the massive decrease in the number of records breached, the increase in the number of incidents and the clues to the cover challenge that may or may not be embedded in the report.


Tyler Shields on Mobile App Privacy and Security

Dennis Fisher talks with Tyler Shields of Veracode about his research on the Pandora Android app and the data it collects and sends to advertisers, as well as the security and privacy concerns related to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps in general.


Alex Lanstein on the Rustock Botnet Takedown

Dennis Fisher talks with Alex Lanstein of FireEye about this week’s takedown of the Rustock botnet, the important legal precedent it helped set with Microsoft’s lawsuit and the mechanics behind the operation and dismantling of large-scale botnets.


Katie Moussouris on Microsoft, Trustworthy Computing and the Evolution of the Security Community

Dennis Fisher talks with Microsoft’s Katie Moussouris about the way that the Trustworthy Computing effort at Microsoft has changed, how the security community has evolved since she got involved in the 1990s and the challenges–and fun–of being a woman in security.


Alex Howard on Government Security, Internet Freedom and Open Gov

In the triumphant return of the Digital Underground podcast, Dennis Fisher talks with Alex Howard (@digiphile) of O’Reilly Media about the open government and open data movements, how they’re affecting security and the ways in which Internet freedom and privacy play into the current climate online.


Anup Ghosh on PDF Exploits and Sandboxes

Dennis Fisher talks with Anup Ghosh, founder and chief scientist of Invincea, about the rise of browser and PDF exploits, the company’s new virtualized PDF security product and whether the Reader X sandbox will make a difference in preventing widespread PDF attacks.