Real World Security – Andy Weeks Interview

Andy Weeks, manager of risk and compliance for enterprise information security, at Humana Inc., one of the larger companies in the world, knows a thing or two about large-scale security implementations. And in  a company whose customer data is one of its main assets,  security is a corporate imperative. Discover the strategies that Weeks and Humana employ to keep the company ahead of the curve.Listen to the podcast:

Real World Security – Bob Maley Interview

In the first installment of a new regular series, Dennis Fisher talks with Bob Maley, the CSO of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, about the challenges of running an information security program in a government agency, the effects of the economy on his efforts and the ways in which user education can affect security in any organization. Listen to the podcast:
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Like every other security executive in the health care industry, Larry Whiteside, CISO of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, spends much of his time dealing with compliance-related issues. But the distributed nature of his user population means that he has sensitive patient data on thousands of mobile devices all over the state. Learn how Whiteside balances compliance demands with security realities to keep data secure while maximizing efficiency.

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