Digital Underground podcast with Dennis Fisher

In this episode of the Digital Underground podcast, Dennis Fisher talks with David Mortman, CSO-in-residence at Echelon One and longtime security executive, about whether we’ve become too reliant on compliance, the changing nature of the CSO’s job and how network security is like baking artisan bread. Really.

Ryan Naraine on KGO AM 810 Newstalk Radio – April 10, 2009

Ed and Jen from San Francisco’s KGO talk radio talk again with Threatpost editor Ryan Naraine. It looks like Conficker is stirring to life (after doing absolutely nothing on April 1) and Ryan says it’s linked to “scareware programs” that pop up warning windows telling users that their computer is infected and that they need to drop some cash on a (fraudulent) anti-virus program to wipe it out.

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