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Survey Shows 85 Percent of Small Business Owners Convinced a Data Breach Unlikely

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If a newly released survey is any indication, publicized data breaches aren’t enough to prompt small businesses to better protect their customer or employee data.

A survey released this week by The Hartford found 85 percent of small business owners believe a data breach is unlikely and often lacked even basic measures to secure sensitive data.


Financial Industry Needs Government Supoport with Security, Not Regulation

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Regulation is not the answer. That’s what the CISO of Regions Bank, Michele B. Cantley repeatedly responded with when asked what the government can do to improve the financial sector’s current security climate in a hearing hosted by the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises this morning.


Cyber Security Index Highlights Political Threats, Business Partner Risk

The first annual Index of Cyber Security finds that senior security officers are more concerned than at this time last year about the risk of cyber attack and other online risks, with concerns about ideologically-motivated hacktivists and the threats posed by business partners and other “counter parties” topping the list.


Dutch Government Asks for €8.7 to Reimburse Diginotar Debacle

The Dutch government has asked DigiNotar, the Dutch certificate authority that was broken into last summer, for €8.7 million ($11M USD) to recoup money it spent buying new certificates, according to several Dutch news reports. The Dutch interior ministry asked for €1 million in January, yet the number “has now risen to €8.7 million,” according to the company’s curator Rocco Mulder in an interview with Dutch news site