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RSA Warns Customers Of Targeted Attacks In Wake of Hack

RSA, the security division of EMC Corp. has warned customers to be on the lookout for targeted attacks, including suspicious messages and links sent over social media networks in the wake of a sophisticated attack that spilled confidential information about the workings of the company’s SecurID strong authentication product.


New Analysis Shows Pushdo Botnet Sent Trillions of Spam Emails, Generated Millions in Profits

A new, detailed analysis of the operations of the infamous Cutwail/Pushdo botnet shows that the network, which had been he target of several takedown attempts in the last couple of years, is not only amazingly resilient, but also is incredibly prolific, with one section of the botnet sending more than 1.7 trillion spam messages, and quite profitable, generating as much as $4 million in profits for its owners.