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Microsoft Previews January Patch – And New Class of Vulnerability

Microsoft said in a post on the Technet Web site that it plans to release seven security bulletins on Tuesday, fixing eight security holes in a variety of products. Among them will be a fix for a new class of software vulnerability – the “Security Feature Bypass,” which could be used by attackers to make other exploits more potent, Microsoft said.

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Just days after a successful attack on the security think tank Stratfor, Anonymous, the anarchic hacking collective, is getting headlines again for an attack on, a Web site used by members of the armed forces law enforcement officers and gun enthusiasts. However, an employee working for the online store said the group is playing the media by taking credit for a hack that happened months ago.


Internet Pioneers, Security Experts Send Letter to Congress Blasting SOPA

A group of engineers, networking specialists, security experts and other specialists deeply involved with the Internet’s development and growth have sent a letter to lawmakers criticizing the highly controversial SOPA and PIPA bills and imploring them not to pass the legislation, which they say would stifle innovation and “threaten engineers who build Internet systems or offer services that are not readily and automatically compliant with censorship actions by the U.S. government.”


GlobalSign Says No Evidence of CA Compromise Found

GlobalSign, the certificate authority that the attacker who compromised Comodo and DigitNotar claimed he had infiltrated as well, said it has completed its months-long security review and found no evidence that its CA infrastructure was compromised or that any rogue certificates had been issued. The investigation did confirm that the company’s public Web server had been compromised, and GlobalSign decided to revoke its own SSL certificate and key.