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Chats, Car Crushes and Cut ‘N Paste Sowed Seeds Of LulzSec’s Demise

The seeds of LulzSec’s downfall were sown long before the FBI and Scotland Yard went knocking on doors this week. In fact, the group owes its downfall to a series of small, internal skirmishes, unforced errors and unlikely clues that created a virtual trail to its leaders, a Threatpost investigation found.


Scammers Hop On Social Media Darling Pinterest

If the folks behind the photo sharing Web site Pinterest were looking for some validation that their fledgelings social media site had “arrived,” they got it this weekend, after scammers jumped on the site and used it to direct Pinterest users to survey scam Web sites.


RSA: Chaos In the Security World, And the Situation Is Perfect

Right on cue this week, the anarchic hacking collective Anonymous stepped up and grabbed the story line away from the lions of the IT security industry.With the annual RSA Conference set to begin, the whistle blowing site Wikileaks released the first of some five million e-mail messages stolen from the security intelligence firm Stratfor. Ever sensitive to the fickle attention of the media, Anonymous inserted itself into the story, claiming responsibility for leaking the data and pointing a finger of blame at Stratfor and its media, private and public sector customers, which Anonymous accuses of spying and other dark offenses.


New Version of Flashback Mac Trojan Found Using Java Exploits

A new version of the Flashback Trojan that targets Macs has appeared, and this one uses a drive-by download technique to attempt exploits of two Java vulnerabilities. The Flashback.G malware also tries to trick users into accepting a fake digital certificate, which will install the malware if the Java exploits fail.


Old-School Attack Nabs Joint UK-French Drone Plans

Forget about data stealing trojans. Unidentified thieves got a hold of top secret plans for a joint French-British drone aircraft project the old fashioned way: by snatching an executive’s briefcase at a Paris train station.


Groupon Piggyback Site Offers $500 Voucher, Charges Users for Allegedly ‘Free’ Trial Offers

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A domain registered two days ago as, which claims to offer a $500 voucher toward Groupon or its primary competitor, LivingSocial, is actually registering users for ‘free’ trial offers that aren’t free at all. The best part, however, is that everything about this scam is perfectly legal according to Zscaler’s Julien Sobrier.