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Cnet Apologizes for Nmap Adware Bundling

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Officials at Cnet’s site have issued a statement apologizing for bundling the popular open source Nmap security audit application with adware that changed users’ search engine and home page to Microsoft properties. Fyodor, the author of Nmap, raised the issue earlier this week, saying that his app was being wrapped in malware on


With Mobile Devices, Users Are the Product, Not the Buyer

A lot has been said about the Carrier IQ software, the way that it’s used by carriers and whether it’s capable of intercepting calls, texts and data on users’ handsets. It’s still not clear exactly what’s going on, but one lesson that has emerged from all of this is this: The mobile devices people buy and use for personal and sensitive taks every day simply do not belong to them.


Removing CarrierIQ Is A Really Bad Idea For Most Mobile Phone Users

The controversy over stealthy monitoring software by CarrierIQ has raised important questions about user privacy and business ethics in the Brave New World of smart phones, tablets and the like. In the uproar over CarrierIQ’s surreptitious monitoring of mobile phone users, various tools have appeared that claim to be able to detect the software. However – removing CarrierIQ from your phone is another matter entirely. And,while some sites have offered instructions on doing so, Kaspersky Lab researcher Tim Armstrong said that, for all but a few mobile phone hardware experts, doing a CarrierIQ-pendectomy is a bad idea. 


Facebook Fixes Complaint Feature Abused To Bypass Photo Privacy, Zuckerberg Among Victims

Facebook has fixed a critical flaw in a user feedback feature that allowed any user to access private photos posted in other users accounts. Before it was fixed, the flaw was used to hack the account of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and post photos online.


Researchers Say Carrier IQ Not Logging Texts or Emails, But Has Some Worrisome Capabilities

Security researchers who have investigated the inner workings of the Carrier IQ software and its capabilities say that the application has some powerful, and potentially worrisome capabilities, but that as it’s currently deployed by carriers it doesn’t have the ability to record SMS messages, phone calls or keystrokes. However, the researchers note that there is still potential for abuse of the information that’s being gathered, whether by the carriers themselves or third parties who can access the data legitimately or through a compromise of a device.