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There is No Reason to Take a Picture of Your Debit Card …Ever

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It does not matter how cute it is, or how relieved you are to finally find it after having lost it, or how mad you are at those hacks over at your bank for misspelling your name. It cannot be stressed enough that it is always a terrible, terrible idea to post pictures of your credit or debit card on the Internet.


New Fraud Ring ‘Operation High Roller’ Targets the Rich

A recent fraud ring through which attackers raided high-value bank accounts, nicknamed Operation High Roller (.PDF), employed attacks that were quick, required no human interaction and have already affected several tiers of credit unions, regional banks and large global banks, over the last several months.


Pressure Mounts For Cybersecurity Bill As Negotiations Stall

A joint letter from some of Washington D.C.’s leading minds in the areas of defense and diplomacy is urging Congress to pass a cyber security bill in some form this year, saying that the U.S. is urgently in need of a new policy and ill-prepared for cyber attacks.


Fake Automated Craigslist Email Notifications Link to Blackhole Exploit Kit

UPDATE: A big wave of emails purporting to be Craigslist notifications but containing links to websites hosting the Black Hole exploit kit hit the Internet yesterday, a day that already was filled with drama surrounding the LinkedIn password dump.


Cloudflare CEO: AT&T Voicemail Hack Key To Compromise

Loose security protecting voice mailboxes at mobile carrier AT&T provided a key element necessary to successfully hack the Google Enterprise Apps account of tech firm CloudFlare, according to an account of the hack posted by CEO Matthew Prince.