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Industry Groups Bid To Control New .Bank And .Insurance TLDs

Two financial industry groups: The American Bankers Association (ABA) and the Financial Services Roundtable announced on Thursday that they have applied to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to operate to top level Internet domains, .bank and .insurance, on behalf of the financial services industry.


FBI Warns Users of New ‘Reveton’ Scareware Scam

The FBI is warning consumers about a new scam that’s using a piece of malware called Citadel to redirect users to a scam site that installs scareware on their machines and demands a $100 payment to unlock them. The twist in this scam is that it uses the threat of prosecution by the Department of Justice as the prompt to get victims to pay.


DHS Warns of Potential Scams and Attack in Run-up to London Olympics

Hacktivists, malware, scams, data theft and DDoS attacks are among the Department of Homeland Security’s concerns regarding this summer’s Olympic Games set to take place in London, according to the DHS Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center’s Strategic Outlook.


The Curious Case of Carl A. …Someone

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On the list of things made obsolete by the Internet, signatures are right up there with paperback books and the postal service, but the Microsoft Malware Protection Center decided to dig deeper into the signature of Carl A. (unreadable last name) anyway and see why it keeps turning up in malware samples.