Talk on Chinese Cyber Army Pulled From Black Hat

A talk on China’s state-sponsored offensive security efforts scheduled for the Black Hat conference later this month has been pulled from the conference after concerns were raised by some people within the Chinese and Taiwanese government about the talk’s content.

Mozilla Pulls Password-Stealing Firefox Add-On

Mozilla on Tuesday warned users that a password-stealing add-on slipped
into Firefox’s extension gallery more than a month ago had been
downloaded nearly 2,000 times before it was detected. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

Spammers Moving to Disposable Domains

Spammers and the botnet operators they’re allied with are continuing to adapt their techniques to evade security technologies, and now are using what amount to disposable domains for their activities. A new report shows that the spammers are buying dozens of domains at a time and moving from one to another as often as several times a day to prevent shutdowns.

This is a recording of a live chat session with the technical support agent associated with a rogue AV program. The session was recorded by Nicolas Brulez, a security analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

Marc Maiffret, a security researcher known for his controversial opinions on software security and his efforts to get Microsoft specifically to improve the security of its products, is returning to eEye Digital Security, the vulnerability management company he helped found more than a decade ago. After several years away from the security game and a short stint with anti-malware vendor FireEye, Maiffret said that he was eager to get back into the research game, which has changed dramatically since his early days at eEye.

Microsoft has released four new security bulletins in the July 2010 edition of patch Tuesday. These bulletins address five vulnerabilities.It is not uncommon, and has become expected, for a light patch Tuesday to follow a heavy patch Tuesday release from Microsoft.  Last month, Microsoft released a hefty load of patches with 10 security bulletins addressing 34 vulnerabilities.

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