Adobe Warns of Flash, PDF Zero Day Attack

Adobe issued an alert late Friday night to warn about zero-day attacks against an unpatched vulnerability in its Reader and Flash Player software products.The vulnerability, described as critical, affects Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

ATM Skimmer Sites Attempt to Scam Criminals

Most skimmers that are openly advertised are little more than scams
designed to separate clueless crooks from their ill-gotten gains. However, start
poking around on some of the more exclusive online fraud forums for
sellers who have built up a reputation in this business and chances are
eventually you will hit upon the real deal. Read the full article. [KrebsonSecurity]

Facebook Fixes Email Indexing Bug

Incident-prone social network monolith Facebook has plugged yet another
security leak, this time involving the indexing by search engines of
email addresses not listed on Facebook. Read the full article. [The Register]

The development team have issued the first point update to the 3.2.x branch
of their open source office suite for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and
Solaris. The maintenance update addresses a number of bugs and security
issues found in the previous 3.2 release, but adds no new features. Read the full article. [The H Security]

Researchers have developed a kernel-level Android rootkit in the form of a loadable
kernel module and will demonstrate the proof of concept exploit at the upcoming DefCon conference. Read the demo statement. []

Another mobile-phone manufacturer has fallen victim to an increasingly common attack in which phones’ memory cards are infected with malware during the manufacturing process and then shipped out to customers. The latest victim is Samsung, which has acknowledged that the microSD cards in a batch of its S8500 Wave mobile phones sold in Germany were infected with an autorun Trojan.

Facebook attacks that force users to unwittingly endorse scam pages
keep spreading, researchers say. Attacks have now circulated that cause users to recommend pages
promising naked pictures of alternative rock diva Hayley Williams or the
phone number of heart-throb singer Justin Bieber. Read the full article. [The Register].

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