Harnig Botnet Returns, But Without Rustock

The takedown of the Rustock botnet earlier this year has had ripple effects throughout the malware and spam ecosystems, with some large reductions in spam levels and attacks. However, some of the components of the malware machine driven by Rustock are beginning to come back online now. Researchers say that the Harnig pay-per-install malware is making a comeback, sans Rustock, however.

Dino Dai Zovi: Attacker Math

In his keynote address at the SOURCE Boston conference this year, independent security researcher Dino Dai Zovi discussed the attacker mentality and they way that defenders can adopt it to better protect their networks.

Rethinking Black Hat: Building, Rather Than Breaking, Security

By Andrew StormsNo doubt breaking things is fun. I remember back when I was 10 years old when
I took apart a squirrel cage fan, flipped some wires and so forth, and then
attempted to plug it back in. Good thing my mom stopped me seconds before I
was about to get a literal jolt of reality. These days, I still keep that
same inquisitive and maniacal mentality. Yes, I was the guy wearing an
assortment of makezine t-shirts at Black Hat, but I also often wore collared
shirts and a belt. Because I keep a foot in both of these worlds, I¹d
like to propose an adjustment to the security community.

Reports about the potential for biometric scanning to usher in a new age of super snooping have prompted a retort from the industry itself, as one CEO used an interview with InfoSecurity.com this week to throw cold water on research from Carnegie Mellon University and argue that people – not face scanners – are the source of privacy breaches. 

A Norwegian hacker collective that allegedly gained access to the email accounts of Anders Behring Breivik, the confessed perpetrator of killing spree that took the lives of seventy-seven individuals, may have connections to Anonymous, according to a local journalist who has had contact with the group.

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