Einstein, Feynman and Hopper Talk Cloud Security and Hacking

Today’s modern security problems hadn’t yet emerged when pioneers Richard Feynman, Grace Hopper and Albert Einstein were in their primes, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have strong opinions on the topics of hacking, cloud security and network security. In this video from the AT&T Cybersecurity Conference, AT&T CSO Ed Amoroso “interviews” Feynman, Hopper and Einstein on these topics and others.

By Marta JanusA few days ago, I blogged about a PHP/JS malware targeting the osCommerce platform, which used an interesting new technique to obfuscate the malicious code. It so happens, that today I came across even more advanced sample of a PHP infector, also in the context of a vulnerable e-commerce solution.

The media storm over the Stuxnet worm may have passed, but many of the software holes that were used by the worm remain unpatched and leave Siemens customers open to a wide range of potentially damaging cyber attacks, according to industrial control system expert Ralph Langner.

The security
industry is full of pernicious problems with no easy solutions. Take spam, for
example. The current best defense is filtering out the obvious spam messages.
Yet, the countermeasure is not a solution: As anti-spam technology gets better,
spammers merely churn out more spam and achieve the same results. Not satisfied with
the status quo, a team of academic researchers focused
on collecting data on the business ecosystem that funds spam and
searched for weak links. While blocking domain names will not generally work,
they did find a strategy that could have a high payoff: Targeting the small
number of banks that process spammers transactions and getting them to cut off
their clients.

RSA acknowledged on Monday that a hack at Lockheed Martin was tied to the theft of information on its SecurID tokens. The company offered to replace the tokens for customers, but experts wonder whether RSA should go further and recall SecurID tokens from the market.

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