Coviello: ‘2012 Will Be the Year of Resiliency’

By Art CovielloI just came back from a five-week trip of meeting with customers around the world and never in my entire career have CEOs and corporate boards been as interested in security as they are now. The common theme throughout these conversations was that we are facing a new reality – one of persistent, advanced and intelligent threat. 

2011: Wait, What?

The security industry can be a giant repetitive, follow-the-loser echo chamber of unoriginal thoughts, familiar flaws and copycat theories. But if ever there was a year in which folks could stand back and look at what’s gone on and say, what in the hell just happened, 2011 was it. So rather than going in for the typical year-in-review or top stories shtick, let’s just have a look back at some of the more absurd, unexpected and amusing twigs and berries from the last 12 months, shall we?

Call it a new twist on Facebook “Like” jacking. Researchers at the firm Zscaler say that scammers are embedding Facebook “Like” widgets from top ranked Web brands and in Web pages used to promote online scams or distribute malware. The widgets make it appear as if tens- or hundreds of thousands of Facebook users ‘like’ the scam Web site.

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