Mozilla Releases Firefox 11, Fixes Pwn2Own Bug

Mozilla has released Firefox 11 and acknowledged that the security vulnerability that a pair of researchers used in the Pwn2Own contest last week was one that the company already was aware of and working on repairing.

Windows 8 is still off on the horizon somewhere, but the new version of Internet Explorer that’s coming with it–IE 10–already is in consumer preview and it includes some major changes to the exploit mitigations. In addition to the existing implementations of ASLR, DEP and others technologies in Windows and IE, Microsoft has included a couple of new ones designed to further inhibit memory attacks.

VANCOUVER–If there’s one thing that emerged from all of the craziness that was CanSecWest, Pwn2Own and Pwnium, it’s that life is becoming more difficult for researchers and attackers looking to exploit modern browsers. It’s not impossible, of course, but it’s certainly not the warm-up exercise that it was four or five years ago.

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