Corona iOS Jailbreak Tool Released

A security researcher has released a tool that will untether iPhones and other devices running iOS 5.01, allowing them to run unsigned code. The tool relies on a pair of exploits, one in an iOS binary and another in the kernel, and the jailbreak will survive after a reboot.

It’s that most un-wonderful time of the year: the time when everyone writes fluffy articles full of lists, retrospectives and look-aheads. Even we did it. Many of these lists involve some variation on the theme of most overhyped or least organic or or most awesomest or lowest fat content. This article is not those articles.

By Joe BasiricoWhile assessing software systems of all types a few common mistakes regularly come up. These aren’t mistakes that lead directly to vulnerabilities, but mistakes in how some software companies think about security, that can lead to invalid assumptions, and ultimately which can allow real security vulnerabilities to slip through the cracks.

Shari Lawrence Pfleeger wrote the book on cyber security – or should we say “books.” The longtime researcher and expert has authored numerous textbooks on everything from software engineering, to the application of metrics in software development, to computer security. The head of research for the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) at Dartmouth College, Pfleeger says that many of the biggest challenges facing organizations in the realm of cyber security are social, and not technological.

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