Web Security

Facebook Hires Ex-Yahoo CISO Alex Stamos

Facebook has hired away the top security executive at Yahoo, Alex Stamos, to become the company’s new CSO. Stamos said Wednesday that he is joining Facebook because he believes the company is in the best position to address some of the large security challenges facing users and companies right now. “There is no company in […]

In a little more than a year, consumers affected by the Cryptowall ransomware have reported to the FBI more than $18 million in losses related to infections from the malware. Cryptowall is among the group of ransomware families that encrypt the files on victims’ computers and then demands a ransom in order to obtain the […]

There is a TCP prediction vulnerability in Wind River’s widely deployed VxWorks embedded software that can enable an attacker to disrupt or spoof the TCP connections to and from target devices. VxWorks is an embedded operating system that’s used in a large number of ICS products that are deployed in sectors such as energy, water, […]

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