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Slideshow: Ten Weird Biometrics In Your Future

VIEW SLIDESHOW: Weird Science: 10 Forms of Biometric Authentication In the past twenty years, we’ve gone from using amber-tinted dumb terminals connected to refrigerator-sized mainframe computers to sleek tablet computers and smart phones tucked into our pockets. Despite those changes, one technology has stubbornly persisted: passwords. Indeed, the explosion in computing devices and Web-based services has made us more dependent on passwords than ever.

Behind The Mask, Accused LulzSec Members Left Trail Of Clues Online

When the long arm of the law reached in to arrest members of Anonymous’s senior leadership on Tuesday, speculation immediately turned to the identities of the six men behind the Guy Fawkes mask. With the benefit of hindsight, it turns out that many had been hiding in plain site, with day jobs, burgeoning online lives and – for those who knew where to look – plenty of clues about their extra curricular activities on behalf of the world’s most famous hacking crew.

VANCOUVER–Authentication is one of the thornier problems in security and it’s one that’s never been solved to any real degree, despite decades of research, technological advances and trial and error. For companies such as Facebook that have to deal with authentication on a massive scale, the problem is even more difficult. Facebook is trying a number of different “social” authentication methods right now, and while some are innovative, they all come with serious drawbacks and weaknesses.

As the privacy and tracking debate rages in the desktop arena, Mozilla has made a jump to the mobile world by announcing its new Boot to Gecko project, which will include an implementation of the Do Not Track technology on mobile devices. This is the first such implementation and it will give users the ability to tell mobile sites that they don’t want to be tracked persistently while using the Web from their phones.

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