• Getting Started at Black Hat’s Security Briefings
  • Gen. Keith Alexander on National Security, Privacy
  • Trey Ford
  • Karsten Nohl Demonstrated His SIM Card Attack
  • Crowds Look On
  • Pwnie Awards 2013
  • On Blackberry 10 Security, Privacy
  • Brewster Kahle Spoke on Legal Access
  • More from Wednesday’s Legal Access Panel Briefing
  • Jeff Forristal Discussed the Android Master Key Vulnerability

See scenes from this year’s hacking conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

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  1. LeeW

    It has become plain and obvious that encryption needs to be open source,distributed, and keys need to be user generated and shared. Encryption can no longer be a centrally fixed source point. Americas freedom, privacy and right to be secure under our 4th amendment has been subverted by an increasingly arrogant and freedom hating executive branch. Our right to communicate in privacy cannot be subjugated to a soviet/[stazi] mentality on American soil. It’s manageable to subjugate a dozen or two central sources. Not so much with 200 million individuals all with their own source codes and changing keys!! Defy the Geber.


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