Air Force

Air Force Openly Seeking Cyber-Weapons

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) posted a broad agency announcement [PDF] recently, calling on contractors to submit concept papers detailing technological demonstrations of ‘cyberspace warfare operations’ (CWO) capabilities.

The head of the National Security Agency on Tuesday will recommend that the United States needs a major upgrade to its capabilities in both offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, handing that responsibility to a new military command in Maryland. In a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee, Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander will deliver a blunt assessment of the country’s information warfare skills, and it won’t be pretty.

Microsoft has developed an ultra-secure version of Windows XP, with many settings locked down by default. But the hardened OS isn’t for sale to the general public; it’s made specifically for the military. Microsoft built the secure version of XP a few years ago at the direction of the Air Force, which had grown weary of the constant updates to other Windows versions and had just seen its network defenses abused in a pentration test by the National Security Agency.

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