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Opinion: Anon Will Need More Than Porn Takedowns To Rehab Its Image

The hacktivist group Anonymous, it seems, is bent on rehabilitating its image. In recent months, the anarchic hacking collective has moved from retaliatory attacks on enemies (like Aaron Barr) and outing “snitches,” to squelching out child pornography networks (Operation DarkNet, launched in October) and supporting the Occupy Wall Street protests. 

Anonymous’s efforts to don the white hat AND the Guy Fawkes mask may take more than just picking different targets for its “Ops,” says Joshua Corman, the Director of Security Intelligence at Akamai Technologies. In a recent, exclusive interview with Threatpost, Corman told Threatpost editor Paul Roberts that the group’s cyber vigilantism itself is the problem and “rife with unintended consequences.”

Here’s a transcript of their talk, which took place October 26th.

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