Amit Yoran

Firms Need ‘Tough Love’ In Struggle Against APTs

Black Hat is upon us and, with it, a lot of chatter about the dangers posed by so-called “APT,” or advanced persistent threats. Rather than get trapped in the hype bubble, Threatpost editor Paul Roberts took the opportunity to check back in with a recognized expert on detecting and combating APT-style attacks: Amit Yoran, the former CEO of NetWitness Corp. and now a Senior Vice President at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. Yoran says that the darkest days may yet be ahead in the fight against APT style attacks, with mounting attacks and a critical shortage of security talent. To cope, both private sector firms and the government need to stop fighting the last war and pivot to the kinds of practices and monitoring that can spot sophisticated attackers. 

Q&A: Amit Yoran

Amit Yoran, CEO of NetWitness, is the former director of the National Cyber Security Division at the Department of Homeland Security and a longtime veteran of the security industry both inside and outside the Beltway. He spoke with Dennis Fisher recently about the current power vacuum in Washington on security matters and the priorities for the next cyber security coordinator.

By Byron Acohido (

If President Obama thinks fixing the broken U.S. economy is a challenge, and ending the ground wars in the Middle East a conundrum, wait until he gets around to tackling cybersecurity.
Obama must reverse the abject lack of any sort of meaningful coordinated defense against intensifying and overlapping cyber attacks [] on U.S. citizens, businesses, schools, hospitals, governments and military from unseen enemies.

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