Andrew Storms

By Andrew Storms
Two years ago I took some hard hits from my peers for calling the iPhone “a security nightmare.” Two years later, I can’t find a single person who doesn’t agree that the iPhone is the number one mobile target of security researchers.Fast forward to today: Is the iPhone still a security nightmare or have those problems been relegated to annoyance status?

Guest editorial by Andrew Storms
Yesterday was a perfect example of the lack of communication between software vendors and their customers about security. Three vendors released major patches for serious bugs, all within hours of each other.

You would think that customers would be a high priority for all vendors, especially in this economy. All vendors certainly give lip service to doing the right thing by their customers; unfortunately, most have a bad case of amnesia when it comes to security.

By Andrew Storms

Managing IT for a software company has its challenges.  For me, the lines between efficiency, security and innovation are difficult to draw at a company like nCircle where engineers require some freedom to perform their best.  The panelists at the RSA session “Responding to the ignored threat – Macs in the Enterprise” seemed to face the same kind of problems I do.

By Andrew Storms

Transparency is a common theme in politics and Wall Street these days. The 2008 elections, dealings of TARP, financial institutions run a-muck are all places where we hear the word transparency bandied about on a daily basis. While many security professionals speak about transparency when it comes to information security, very few definitions fit the overarching idea of transparency. I believe that the time has come for information security professionals to both dig deeper and out of the idea of transparency to gain a better understanding of this concept.

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