Angry Birds

Faux Apps Found Hijacking Chrome, Spamming Tumblr

A flurry of fake, ad-laden Angry Birds lookalike games have flooded the Google Chrome Web store of late. The online marketplace where Google sells extensions and games for its Chrome browser has seen an influx of games mimicking “Bad Piggies,” a new game Rovio Entertainment recently released that puts a twist on its ubiquitous Angry Birds game.

Forget Epsilon, Fear the Angry Bird

By Andrew StormsNo doubt you read about the huge email security breach Epsilon announced earlier this month. You may have received letters from companies that use Epsilon services about the possible loss of your email information. A lot of people are justifiably concerned that spear phishing and other nefarious attacks will be launched against millions of people as a result of that breach.

Security researcher Jon Oberheide wrote a fake extension to the popular Angry Birds mobile game and put it in the Android Market as a demonstration of how an attacker could exploit a vulnerability he’d found in Android. The phony app didn’t do anything malicious, but it had permissions on Android handsets that enabled it to send toll SMS messages, steal contacts and take other actions, without the user’s knowledge.

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