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A Rocky Road Ahead for Apple On Security

Computer security experts have been forecasting the arrival of malicious programs that target Apple’s products for so long that they had begun to sound like the kind of Rapturistas and Mayan Calendar sleuths that we all (smartly) ignore. But if May didn’t bring Harold Camping’s Judgement Day, as predicted
(Update: its now October 21st, y’all!), it did prove those Apple
doomsayers correct as real Mac-focused crimeware and rogue antivirus
appeared in the wild.

BitTorrent, the peer to peer file sharing network, has gained a reputation for enabling the masses to share and distribute files. But when it comes to sharing copyrighted content, just 100 users are responsible for most of the content.

A piece of fake anti-virus scareware, Antivirus 8, has been
infecting computers via ICQ in recent days according
to Roel Schouwenberg at Securelist.
What makes this fake antivirus popup intriguing is that it appears infecting
users who are not actively using their computer.

Security Worth Buying

By Dave Merkel

I’m a dirty vendor.  That
may not be the best way to start a serious dialogue about security product
effectiveness, but I hate to read a post on security theory by some insincere
tie-wearing wonk only to discover afterwards that he or she is Lord High Poobah
of Marketing at “Scaring You For Profit, Inc.” 
So I’ll just tell you who and what I am up front. I may have to wear the
tie, but I don’t have to be that guy. 
Continue at your own risk.

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