It was December 8, 2000 – the waning days of the Clinton Administration. Richard Clarke, a member of President Clinton’s National Security Council, was addressing attendees at SafeNet 2000, a conference sponsored by Microsoft Corp. that brought together computer security experts from around the country to talk about ways to increase cooperation around cyber security. 

The official line in Washington D.C. is that there’s a new Cold War brewing, with an ascendant China in the place of the old Soviet Union, and cyberspace as the new theater of war. But work done by an independent security researcher suggests that the Chinese government is woefully unprepared to fend off cyber attacks on its own infrastructure.

Confidential Information about the nation’s nuclear
stockpile could be at risk according to an audit of Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory issued by the Department of Energy (DOE) earlier
this week.

The audit (.PDF) found the government-funded Bay Area-lab failed to effectively implement its security system. Three of four security plans reviewed were
incomplete and some system changes made within the lab were done without the consent of federal officials.

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