Fake AVG: Scam Software Cops Name and Logo of Real AV

We’ve noted for a while that the
practices of rogue antivirus software have started to mimic those of
legitimate antivirus software vendors. But a new version of FakeXPA scareware take things a bit further: posing as a legitimate commercial AV package, AVG Antivirus 2011.

85% of malicious sites only online for 24 hours

From PC Advisor (Carrie-Ann Skinner)

More than 80 percent of websites that had been poisoned with malicious code between 2008 and 2009 were removed within 24 hours, says AVG.

The security vendor’s Web Threat Profile Report estimated that on any one day between 8 and 14 million web users are being exposed to social engineering scams, such hoax Facebook pages or rogue security apps that encourages surfers to download malicious software to their PC. Read the full story [cio.com]

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