banker trojan

Researchers Discover New ACH Banker Trojan

Malware hunters at SecureWorks have intercepted a new banker Trojan being used by cyber-criminals to steal financial credentials from banks in the U.S.The Trojan, dubbed “Bugat,” targets Automated Clearing House (ACH)
and wire transfer transactions by small- and mid-sized business in the U.S., much like the virulent Clampi Trojan that has stolen tens of millions of dollars.

Financial Industry Group Plans Cyber Attack Simulation

A financial services industry group is
planning to simulate a series of cyber attacks to test how well banks,
payment processors and retailers deal with online threats.  Participants will be expected to activate their incident response
procedures in accordance with the scenario presented and to complete an
anonymous survey to evaluate their organization’s response. Read the full story [Dark Reading]

ID Theft Gang Using Amazon’s EC2 as Command and Control Server

Security researchers have intercepted a new variant of the Zeus crimeware using Amazon’s EC2 services to command and control the botnet. The cybercriminals appear to be using Amazon’s RDS managed database hosting service as a backend alternative in case they lose access to the original domain, which would result in the complete loss of access to the compromised financial data obtained from the infected hosts.  Read the full story [ZDNet]

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