banker trojans

Here’s How to Fix Online Banking Fraud

Guest editorial by Roel SchouwenbergOver the last few months, there’s been quite a lot of news chatter around Banker Trojans emptying out online bank accounts of small businesses in the U.S. Today, I was reading one of such stories on Brian Krebs’ site.  After reading that story I came across another news item that described booting from an alternative media to experience safe internet banking.

Internet Phone Systems Become Fraudster’s Tool

Cybercriminals have found a new launching pad for their scams: the phone systems of small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S.

In recent weeks, they have hacked into dozens of telephone systems across the country, using them as a way to contact unsuspecting bank customers and trick them into divulging their bank account numbers and passwords.  Read the full story [IDG News Service/Robert McMillan]

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