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Researchers, FBI Warn of Nepal Earthquake Scams

The earthquake that hit Nepal late last month has caused untold damage in the region and kicked off a massive relief and aid effort. Attackers are loathe to let a chance like that go by, and they have concocted a number of schemes to deprive victims of their money and hope for relief funds. Aid organizations […]

How I Got Here: Paul Judge

Dennis Fisher talks with Paul Judge, the CTO of Barracuda Labs, about his roots in the security industry, his near-miss with organic chemistry, the start-up and security community in Atlanta and what his next venture might be.

Some spammers, looking to launder the dirty links they email you, are relying on the positive reputation of Google Translate to redirect victims to rogue websites. Researchers at Barracuda Labs who maintain the company’s spam honeypots have spotted a rash of illicit messages trying to beat reputation filters by using this tactic.

Another malicious website has been discovered hosting an exploit for the zero-day vulnerability Internet Explorer patched by Microsoft last week. This site, like the other exploits discovered, targets the defense and space industries, and is dropping an unknown payload, according to Barracuda Labs.

Dealers–Twitter scammers who create fake profiles on the social media site and sell their sets of followers–are adapting their workflow just enough to stay under the social media site’s radar, according to security firm Barracuda Labs, who recently wrapped up a 75 day study analyzing the buying and selling of Twitter followers.

Over 10 million people were hit by exploits served up by 25,000 of the most popular websites in the world in February, according to a new study released by Barracuda Labs.Using an internal tool, Barracuda analyzed Alexa’s list of the most popular websites to determine whether each URL was serving malicious content and doling out exploits to a browser or its extensions. Studies showed that on average, through the month, at least two of the top 25,000 sites served malicious content each day.

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