Barracuda Networks

A flurry of fake, ad-laden Angry Birds lookalike games have flooded the Google Chrome Web store of late. The online marketplace where Google sells extensions and games for its Chrome browser has seen an influx of games mimicking “Bad Piggies,” a new game Rovio Entertainment recently released that puts a twist on its ubiquitous Angry Birds game.

A whopping 97 percent of fake Facebook profiles purport to be female, according to this infographic based on a new study, announced today, from security firm Barracuda Networks. In order to expand their networks and entice would-be victims, 58 percent of the phony profiles also claim to be bisexual and on average, have 726 friends while 68 percent claim to have attended college.

Barracuda Networks found themselves the victim of an SQL injection
attack over the weekend. The breach did not affect any financial
information but did compromise a database containing the names and
e-mails of some of the company’s partners, employees and leads.

When Barracuda Networks started its bug bounty program about three months ago, company officials weren’t exactly sure what to expect. They didn’t know whether there’d be an onslaught of submissions or the sound of crickets chirping. The reality turned out to be somewhere in the middle.

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