Black Energy

Inside the Black Energy 2 Botnet

By Dmitry TarakanovCybercriminals use a variety of bots to conduct DDoS attacks on
Internet servers. One of the most popular tools is called Black Energy.
To date, Kaspersky Lab has identified and implemented detection for over
4,000 modifications of this malicious program. In mid-2008 malware
writers made significant modifications to the original version, creating
Black Energy 2 (which Kaspersky Lab detects as Backdoor.Win32.Blakken).
This malicious program is the subject of this article.

Black Energy Tool Used in Citigroup Hack

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing a computer-security
breach targeting Citigroup Inc. that resulted in a theft of tens of
millions of dollars by computer hackers who appear linked to a Russian
cyber gang, according to government officials. Read the full article. [Wall Street Journal]

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